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Our Cruises

Cruises from Pipis Boats to: Vathiavali Beach, Scorpios, Meganisi, Papanikolis Cave, Island Tour, Kalamos & Kastos, Ithaca and Paxos.
Κρουαζιέρα παραλία Βαθυαβάλι

Vathiavali Beach

Discover Vathiavali Beach, with incredible, crystal clear and  blue waters.


The famous island primarily known as the private island of Onassis.


Meganissi is a wonderfully unspoilt island for all those who seek tranquility in the Greek nature.

Papanikolis Cave

Discover Papanikolis Cave, the second largest sea cave in Greece.

Tour of the Island

Explore our beautiful island Lefkada, in the tour of the Island.

Kalamos & Kastos

Explore Kalamos and Kastos, two small and beautiful islands near Lefkada.


Explore Ithaca, the mythical island with its beautiful beaches and unique experiences.


Discover the beauty of Paxos the smallest of the Ionian islands, with crystal waters and amazing beaches.