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With its excellent beaches, tourist facilities and famous local products Lefkada island is among the top tourist destinations.
Lefkada is considered by many as the most beautiful island of the Ionian Sea. The entire island is a natural sight, nature combines in harmonious way the blue of the sea and the sky. In Lefkada you can enjoy the most breathtaking beaches with white sands and turquoise waters, such as Porto Katsiki and Egremni.
You can also discover the magnificent waterfalls of Dimosari, just outside of Nydri and the Gorge of Melissa. The magnificent landscape of the island is completed by a number of smaller islands, among them is the known worldwide Scorpio.

Porto Katsiki

πορτο κατσικι λευκάδα

Porto Katsiki is one of the most famous beaches in Greece. The magnificent beach is located on the southwest side of the island close to Lefkatas cape, in an area of outstanding natural beauty, dominated by the steep cliffs, sandy beach and turquoise waters.
The beach became widely known in the mid-1990s, after the creation of the modern road network of the island. Since then it has become an attraction for thousands of tourists from around the world and it is rightfully ranked among the best Mediterranean beaches.


Egremni beach is located on the southwest side of the island, just few kilometers north of Porto Katsiki. Its length is about 2 miles, it comprises fine white pebbles and turquoise waters. Access of the famous beach with its incomparable beauty is difficult, since visitors have to descend several steps to reach it.
Egremni beach annually attracts many people and is considered one of the most beautiful Greek beaches. Its name is derived from the impressive cliffs that surround the beach and the huge rocks that look like they are hanging over it.
εγκρεμνοι λευκάδα


κάθισμα λευκάδα

On the western coast of Lefkada lies the beach of Kathisma (seat in English), one of the island most beautiful beaches. The famous beach that owes its name to the fact that from there one can enjoy the setting sun slowly to “sit” for a while before lost in the horizon.
The beach became famous cause to the vast sandy beach with turquoise waters and stunning views of the sunset. Numerous vacationers visiting the beach enjoy all the facilities as they are well organized.

Akrotiri Lefkata

Lefkatas cape is one of the largest and most impressive attractions of natural beauty on the island.Located at the southernmost point of the island, where in ancient times there was a temple of the god Apollo and was called Lefkas (white) stone or Lefkas edge. The name of Lefkada derives also from the cape.
This is a very impressive and imposing landscape with a panoramic view of the deep blue of the Ionian Sea. A boat-trip to the Cape is an impressive experience worth doing it on vacation or while traveling to Lefkada.
ακρωτηρι λευκατα



Scorpios is an island of the Ionian located just to the east of the bay Alexandros of Lefkada. It belongs to the island complex of Tilevoides and Prigiponisia. North of Scorpios lies the Skorpidi island which belongs to the municipality of Meganisi.
To 1963 it was sold to a Greek shipowner Aristotle Onassis for 3 million drachmas. In 2012 it was bought byRussian tycoon Dmitry Rimpolovlev as a gift for his daughter’s birthday.


Vasiliki is a seaside village of Lefkada. Located in the southern part of the island and is a famous tourist resort and port of the island. The beautiful beach of the village with its shallow waters is ideal for swimming.
The area is popular to water sports fans and vacationers. Due to the ideal winds that blow throughout the summer and particularly a wind that is known to windsurfers as “ERIC” has become an attraction for those who love water sports.
βασιλικη Λευκάδα



Poros is a beautiful traditional village, built amphitheatrically on a slope just over the sea. The history begins from the pre-Christian times. A symbolic tower-clock was built above the village and is dating from the 4th century BC.
Mikros Gialos is located less than 4km southwest of Poros, a bay with crystal turquoise waters ideal for boat mooring. The magnificent landscape makes Poros the ideal environment for enjoyable holidays and happy memories.