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Pipis Boats is a boat rental company based in the island of Lefkada.
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If you are a boat and sea lover, visit us and rent a boat for a day or multi-day trips.
Thanks to our passion and love for the sea, we are able to offer integrated benefits and immediate service which satisfy our most demanding client.
Our expertise and long experience in the rental sector, allows us to guarantee the perfect condition of our fleet. All our boats are fully equipped to high standards and strict safety rules and seamanship.
Rental prices of our boats are attractive and accessible to everyone.
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The best boat…. is the rented one!

  • No need to pay a fortune to have your own boat. With a small amount of money you can rent a boat during your holiday.
  • You can have a different boat each time according to your needs and your mood.
  • No boat taxes.
  • No need to worry about boat maintenance and any repairs of it.
  • Our rental boats are covered with collision damage waiver (CDW).
  • We take care of any damages or problems.
  • We provide very affordable rental prices during “off season” periods.
  • Our rental boats are ready to be delivered and fully equipped.